Drydocking is an expensive owners cost, not only for the repairs but also for the off-hire and loss of earnings. Time in the shipyard is of the essence and an efficient drydocking takes careful planning and organizing. Your Superintendent can spend an in-ordinate amount of time preparing for the docking; this means he will not be giving the other vessels under his control the time and attention they deserve.

Therefore HanseUK offers a drydocking service from pre-planning, through specification preparation, processing tenders, presenting shipyard costs analysis for owners to repair supervision and final reporting. This can include supplying UTM teams for Special Survey requirements and organizing the Enhanced Survey Program (ESP) for tankers. We will work closely with your Superintendents & Managers to ensure that you are kept fully aware of all aspects of the docking at all stages of the process.

Let ALL your vessels get the time & attention they deserve ALL the time and not just when the Superintendent happens to be around!